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& Instigator of Positive Change

Her presentations not only educate but also empower individuals to take action and implement positive changes in their lives...

My presentations impact & engage audiences with: 



Women Voting



Female College Students



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Mental Health & Mindset Strategies
For TRIO & FirstGen College Students

The Cheat Code to Elevating Your Confidence, Amplifying Your Peace, and Multiplying Your Money

As a first-generation student or professional set on crafting a brighter future for yourself, the journey ahead will feature both victories and challenges, but what if I shared a little secret with you? What if there's a powerful cheat code that can propel you forward helping to reduce your anxiety and elevate your confidence on your road to success?  The cheat code is “being a solutionist”.  In this presentation you will learn how to embrace the S.O.L.O. Strategy which will help you to tap into your inner "solutionist", face challenges head on, and seize the opportunities that are meant for you!  

Participants will learn:  

  • The elements of a solution-oriented mindset 

  • Three everyday strategies to adopt a solutionist mindset to approach problem solving with creativity and confidence

  • How to Lean-In to challenging situations to increase your confidence and capacity

  • The art of recognizing and seizing opportunities to achieve your personal and professional goals.

College Friends
Sad on Couch

Who Told You That?  Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Boost Your Confidence & Resilience

Are limiting beliefs holding your students back? Are they squandering great opportunities with self-sabotaging behaviors?  For first-generation students limiting beliefs and negative mindsets don't vanish when they enter college or begin their careers. They may linger, affecting their engagement in campus life and support programs, academics, career choices, and possibly their mental health. This dynamic and interactive course uses transparent storytelling to connect with students and to empower them with practical tools to conquer these limitations. This presentation uses the Identify, Apply & Adopt method to help students to understand the power of their mindsets and how they can embrace new beliefs and possibilities for lasting success.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify limiting beliefs are and understand how they get lodged into our brains

  • Identify how those limiting beliefs are impacting their lives and how they shape their perceptions of themselves and the world around them

  • Apply a simple research-based technique to assess and reevaluate the truthfulness and validity of those thoughts in this season of their lives

  • Adopt new narratives and beliefs in that specific area and live them out

Preparing for the Journey Ahead...
FirstGen Graduates, Professionals & 

Breaking Income & Mindset Ceilings: Secrets of FirstGen High-Income Earners that all FirstGens Should Know

Learn five powerful strategies gleaned from the stories of First-Generation High-Income Earners that can inspire you to dream bigger and seize the opportunities that can lead to success. Presented in story-lesson format, this dynamic presentation is designed to inspire and equip you to address the limitations of your past and engage fully in your present. These powerful stories of decision-making and resilience will empower you to think strategically about your choices and their impact on your future.


Participants will learn:

  • The pathways to becoming a First-Generation High-Income Earner or High Achiever 

  • Recognizing and embracing opportunities as they come

  • The importance of being fluid, flexible, and self-forgiving in every area of your life

  • The power of autonomy and practice in building confidence and resilience

  • How to recognize & become an Instigator of Change


For Employees, Leaders,
Volunteers & Students

Exploring the Humanity in Customer Service through the Lens of Diversity

Whether we are interacting with professors or classmates, coworkers, customers, or investors, customer service and relationship building skills are a fundamental part of our everyday lives.  

This interactive presentation will expose devaluing behavior and unconscious biases that can occur in any environment using real-life examples. As a participant you will be shown how you can take personal ownership of your interactions with peers and customers. You will also walk away knowing how to recognize the humanity and individuality of others while still honoring your own.

Participants will learn:

  1. How customer service applies to every area of our lives

  2. How to identify biases in their own experiences

  3. Three practical techniques on how to see the humanity of others in their professional and interpersonal relationships.

  4. Two strategies on how to be an ally for customers and peers in tough situations.

Bringing the Food
Neat Desk

Renae, I would just like to take the time to thank you for coming to our Health Department and presenting our annual Customer Service In-Service. Several of the staff have stopped me and made comments on how they enjoyed your presentation and that is rare.

 You engaged the staff, assessed their responses, redirected your presentation content to capture their interest. The presentation re-enforced our awareness that everyone no matter race or ethnicity have a different special diverse overall make up. Even though we think we are providing fantastic customer service we can be better.  Thank you so much for sharing your story with us as well. Wish you the best of luck and hope others give you the chance to present to their staff.  —  Martha F., RN, QI,QA, AAC,  Columbus County Health Department

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