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 Engage, Equip & Inspire Your

FirstGen College Students

to Maximize their Journey to Success 

Partner with Dr. Renae, A dynamic speaker, trainer & Instigator of Positive Change 

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Dr. Renae is a sought after and engaging speaker who has a decade of experience of captivating diverse audiences with her inspiring presence. She tailors her presentations to fit each audience, whether it's providing practical business solutions or empowering FirstGen students and their peers on campus. Through dynamic storytelling, she challenges old beliefs, encouraging participants to embrace new perspectives, new possibilities, and their own greatness by: 

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Overcoming Self Sabotaging Behaviors & Imposter Syndrome 

Young Businesswomen

Becoming Solution Oriented & Opportunity Ready 


Adopting Practical Strategies to Graduate & to Succeed

Colleagues Working Together

Thriving in Business &

in the Workplace

Hi I'm
Dr. Renae!


& I am a First Generation everything... teen mom, high school dropout, college graduate, professional, entrepreneur, high achiever, newly minted doctor, aspiring high-er income earner, and the best Auntie Ever!  IJS...

Most importantly I am an Instigator of Positive Change. Which simply means that I encourage people to try new things, try on new perspectives, and challenge limiting mindsets that may keep them from squeezing every drop of goodness out of this FirstGen Journey.

I keep audiences engaged by sharing my own crazy experiences and the dynamic stories found in my research on Pivotal Moments of Change of First-Generation High-Income Earners.  My heart is to equip audiences with the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts needed for us FirstGen's to not just survive or "do better" than where we came from... but to thrive in our future endeavors.  

I believe that this is a message that students need to hear early in their journey to better equip them for success as aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs and high-income earners.  (We speak things into existence around here).  

The Impact


of Lives & Businesses


10 Years

Experience Speaking & Training  Entrepreneurs, Employees, Students & Leaders


Presentations, Webinars,

Bootcamps, Workshops, & Seminars

Attendees Are Saying...

 ...What sets Renae apart is her inspirational demeanor.
She has the remarkable ability to motivate and inspire individuals within the small business community... 

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The 1stGeneration Conversations Podcast has Launched!

FirstGen Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, High Income Earners, & High Achievers.  Let's journey together.

Our Passion-FirstGens & Mental Health 


FirstGen students demonstrate tremendous grit, resilience, and determination just to make it to move in day.  Their hope for the future is bright, however, many may still be dealing with limiting beliefs and negative mindsets shaped by their past. These mindsets could impact their mental health and make it challenging for them to settle in, connect with others, and find success on campus and in the workplace.

It doesn't have to be that way... Experiencing a different, relevant perspective now may lead to a mindset shift that empowers them to make better career choices, get better grades, and increase their social and financial capacity.

It's Time to Instigate Positive Change

In partnership with your dynamic department, Dr. Renae enters the scene as a relevant and engaging speaker that your audience will love.  Her talks are based on research, experience, and a lot of hard-won lessons. 
She leads with transparency to take audiences on a journey that encourages introspection, hope and the application of the tools that can transform their lives.  The talks feature the three pillars of success found in her research with FirstGen high income earners and high achievers.

I Have Been Trusted By:

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Mindset is the #1 Factor for Longterm FirstGen Success


Aspiring FirstGens Must Feel Like They Have Control Over Their Lives


Instigators of Change Play a Major Role in FirstGen Success!

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