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Who Told You That?  Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Boost Your Confidence & Resilience

Limiting beliefs and negative mindsets are akin to stealthy ninjas in our minds. We often remain unaware of their presence until they've already caused a trail of sabotage, missed opportunities, or strained relationships in our lives. But where do they originate? This interactive course employs transparent storytelling to showcase the profound impact of erroneous mindsets on students' campus experiences and overall lives. It then equips them with practical tools for a mindset reset. Through the Identify, Apply & Adopt method, students gain insights into their thought processes and learn to embrace new

beliefs and possibilities, paving the way for enduring success.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify how limiting beliefs form and affect our thinking

  • Understand the impact of these beliefs on their lives and perceptions

  • Apply proven techniques to assess and reevaluate these beliefs

  • Adopt new, empowering narratives to live by in specific areas


The Results Showed

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Mindset is the #1 Factor for Longterm FirstGen Success


Aspiring FirstGens Must Feel Like They Have Control Over Their Lives


Instigators of Change Play a Major Role in FirstGen Success!

It's Time to Instigate Positive Change

 FirstGen Mindset & Mental Health 


FirstGen students demonstrate tremendous grit, resilience, and determination just to make it to move in day.  Their hope for the future is bright, however, many may still be dealing with limiting beliefs and negative mindsets shaped by their past. These mindsets could impact their mental health and make it challenging for them to settle in, connect with others, and find success on campus and in the workplace.

It doesn't have to be that way... Experiencing a different, relevant perspective now may lead to a mindset shift that empowers them to make better career choices, get better grades, and increase their social and financial capacity.

I conducted a research study on:


Pivotal Moments of Change for
High-Income Earners

To glean from their success stories, strategies to help other
FirstGens to follow in their footsteps.

In partnership with your dynamic department, Dr. Renae enters the scene as a relevant and engaging speaker that your audience will love.  Her talks are based on research, experience, and a lot of hard-won lessons. 
She leads with transparency to take audiences on a journey that encourages introspection, hope and the application of the tools that can transform their lives.  The talks feature the three pillars of success found in her research with FirstGen high income earners and high achievers.

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