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& Instigator of Positive Change

Listen...I want to spend the rest of my days partnering with organizations to create dynamic conversations & engaging experiences...

the kind that causes audiences to not only have

Aha! Moments

but that provides them with strategies that they can use to take the kind of action that could change

the trajectory of their lives

- Dr. Renae

First Gen Mind Mastery: Owning the Power to Design Your Future

​In a world filled with familial and outside influences, side hustles, influencers, and conflicting views on everything, it can be difficult to find your path. As a First-Generation student now is the perfect time to begin your journey of self-reflection, to evaluate the beliefs, values, and ideals that have brought you this far and impacted your life and career choices. This presentation that will identify and challenge limiting beliefs that are often found in the narratives of First-Generation students and provide practical strategies to overcome them in college and beyond.

Participants will learn:

  • How mindset, thoughts and behaviors impact First Generation Success 

  • Six data and story driven secrets to reset your mindset

Who Told You That?  Assess Your Mindset to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and to Boost Your Confidence

For First Generation students and their peers, limiting beliefs do not disappear when you get admitted to college or start your career. They do, however, impact every area of your life and the choices that you make.  Your belief system plays a role in how you relate to others, embrace campus life and academics, access the resources created to assist you, and select a major or career to pursue.

Participants will learn how to:

  •  Identify your current beliefs and thoughts for specific areas of your life through a simple guided activity.

  • Apply a simple research-based technique to assess and reevaluate the truthfulness and validity of those thoughts in this season of your life. 

  • Adopt new narratives and beliefs in that specific area and live them out.

The techniques acquired in this presentation can be added to your toolbox for mental fortitude moving forward.

The Cheat Code to Elevating Your Confidence, Amplifying Your Peace, and Multiplying Your Money

As a first-generation student or professional set on crafting a brighter future for yourself the journey ahead will feature both victories and challenges. But what if I shared a little secret with you? What if there's a powerful cheat code that can propel you forward, helping to reduce your anxiety and elevate your confidence on your road to success?  The cheat code is “being a solutionist” and embracing SOLO strategy will help you to master finding solutions and seizing the opportunities that are meant for you!  

Participants will learn:  

  • The three elements of a solution-oriented mindset 

  • Three everyday strategies to adopt a solutionist mindset to approach problem solving with creativity and confidence.

  • The art of recognizing and seizing opportunities to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Breaking Income Ceilings: Secrets of First-Gen High Income Earners

Learn five powerful strategies gleaned from the stories of First-Generation High-Income Earners that can inspire you to dream bigger and seize the opportunities that can lead to success. Presented in story-lesson format, this dynamic presentation is designed to inspire and equip you to address the limitations of your past and engage fully in your present. These powerful stories of decision-making and resilience will empower you to think strategically about your choices and their impact on your future.


Participants will learn:

  • The pathways to becoming a First-Generation High-Income Earner or High Achiever 

  • Recognizing and embracing opportunities as they come

  • The importance being fluid, flexible, and self-forgiving in every area of your life

  • The power of practice in building confidence and resilience

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