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"I work with organizations that want to present possibilities to First Generation leaders & their peers in a way that encourages them to become 
doers, solution-finders, opportunity seekers, and never-ever giver-uppers!"  

                                                                                                              - Renae-Symone

Let's Chat!

We are accepting inquiries for our January 2023 Get.It.Done. Productivity Groups &
Small Business Mastermind Groups.  Interested?  

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First Generation College Students may FG Professionals, FG Entrepreneurs, FG Leaders, and maybe FG High-Income Earners. Your students have already proven their tenacity by getting this far, however, statistics show that may get stuck and struggle to have successful careers after graduation.  Renae-Symone applies obsession with First Geneartion Success in this dynamic presentation on how students and leaders can adapat a P.I.V.O.T principles now, that can be a major driver in their academic and career journeys.  She uses stories and facts to engage the audience and guide them in embracing their personal power, 

How Does It Work?

Meet once a month.

Learn from Incredible guest speakers. 

Get Direct Feedback & Solutions from the Facilitator & Peers. 

Share Your Brilliance.

 Grow Exponentially.

$250-$500 Annually

Stand Up Meeting


In these groups we get "it" DONE!  If your biggest hindrance is time or time management, these strategic 4-Hour Time blocks are designed for you.  They feature independent work with a splash of accountability.  Choose from a Writing and Creativity blocks, a Social Media Planning and Production for DIY Business owners block, or Our "Out of Office" group for whatever you need to get done. 

By the way "I have a meeting scheduled" is a great excuse for bosses, babysitters, and partners! 

Let's go to work and FINALLY GET IT DONE!

How Does It Work?

Weekly 4 Hour Working Time Blocks

Features a quick check-in, three + hours of peace & quiet to work on that special project, followed by a quick results check-in/celebration/motivation session at the end of the time block.

$25 each group per month 

or $55 unlimited group access per month

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Meet Your Facilitator - Renae-Simon


My brilliance shows up when I am in an environment where I can bring people together to learn, engage, apply, and grow with each other.  Whether I'm facilitating dynamic dialogues, training entrepreneurs in business development principles, or connecting through one-on-one consulting, my genius shines in helping you find solutions.  More importantly (or selfishly), your "Ah Ha" Moments give me LIFE, and your success energizes my soul!  Whether you join an accountability, productivity, or one of our intimate Mastermind Groups, I challenge you to fully engage, tap into your Power to Decide and do the work to Get It Done!  I believe that Results are the best ROIs that you can experience.  

My team and I are humbled and excited to be here with you every step of the way!

What makes this different from other accountability groups?

Our groups are designed in the mastermind model.  We create safe spaces that foster openness and authentic conversations.  In this space you will be challenged to eliminate your excuses and to keep your word to yourself.  You will experience some "good good" energy, focus, encouragment, and accountablilty from likeminded go getters. This is not a class... it's a collaboration, you will get as much as you give.  Your voice and opinion has power and may be just the thing that someone else needs to hear.  We know one thing for sure if you optimize the sessions and do the work, you be well on the way to achieving the results that your heart desires.  

& Results are the Ultimate ROI!

This may be just what
I need to start the New Year off right!

Keep Me in the Loop!

What to Expect:  After you complete the Inquiry Form below, Our team will reach out soon with pricing and dates for 2023. If it works for you, we'll schedule a time to chat to learn about your goals and to make sure that we are a good match.  Once acceptedget ready to Mastermind & Get It Done!

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