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Now You have the perfect Solution/Excuse/Support
to get things Done!

We Create Space & Time Blocks for Busy Dreamers & Entrepreneurs to Work, Create, 

Find Solutions, & Embrace Accountability


What?  Why would I pay to join one of these groups?  I can do this on my own...


No Friend.  Please understand, if you are accepted, you'll GET to participate in our life changing groups.

You'll GET to eliminate excuses and finally do what you said you were going to do.

You'll GET to share & experience this "good-good" energy, focus, encouragement & accountability with likeminded go getters

And if you optimize the opportunity my friend, you may finally GET some results

& Results are the Ultimate ROI!


Set Your Goals in any area of life
Get feedback & strategies to meet them
Work towards your goals with a Tribe of like minded individuals
We will celebrate your wins, pick you up when you all &  motivate you to keep going


Meet once a month.
Incredible guest speakers. 
Get Direct Feedback & Solutions from the facilitator & peers. 
Share Your Brilliance.  
Grow Exponentially.


Determine Your Goal.  Produce.  Report.
Weekly 3-4 Hour Working Time Blocks
Features a quick check-in and then hours of peace & quiet to work & to Get Things Done & a quick results check-in/celebration/motivation session at the end of the time block
Ideal for business owners, writers, planners, professionals & students 
(Created for those who work best alone but around people... we get it!)

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Meet the Master Facilitator - C.R. Symone 


My brilliance shows when I am in an environment where I can bring people together to learn, engage, apply, and grow with each other.  Whether through facilitating dynamic dialogues, training over 1000 entrepreneurs in business development principles, or in my years of one-on-one consulting, my genius shines in helping you find solutions.  

More importantly (or selfishly), your "Ah Ha" Moments give me LIFE, and your success energizes my soul! 

Whether you join the accountability, productivity, or one of our intimate Mastermind Groups, I challenge you to fully engage, tap into your Power to Decide and do the work to Get It Done!  I believe that Results are the best ROIs that you can experience.  

My team and I are humbled and excited to be here with you every step of the way!


Explore a new way to learn, grow, and get practical implementable solutions for your business in our amazing Mastermind Groups.  Join a diverse group of Entrepreneurs led by C.R. Symone an Expert Business Development & Marketing Coach.  Sit in the hotseat with your questions about marketing, operations, growth, financing, pricing, and business strategies and then share your greatness with others.  Are you ready to Mastermind?



I need to write the book, lose weight, start the business, embrace wholeness, break the habit, build the dream... these are just some of the reasons why our clients join our accountability groups.   In these groups, we set realistic goals and strategic detailed plans to meet them for each member.  We then set accountability standards and guidelines that you can agree to.  Beware: These aren't regular accountability groups with loose promises and missed deadlines though.  Your refundable deposit will be one of your motivators for success as you will get it back when you do what YOU said that YOU would do within the allotted time. 

Or else we will graciously keep half and donate half to a cause you don't want to support.  Your welcome.



In these groups we get s*!t DONE!  If your biggest hindrance is time, these strategic 4-Hour Timeblocks for independent work with a splash of accountability are for you.  Whether its our writing and creativity blocks or Social Media Planning and Production for DIY Business owners, or Our "Out of Office" group for whatever you need to get done.  By the way "I have a meeting scheduled" is a great excuse for bosses, babysitters, and boos!  Let's go to work and FINALLY GET IT DONE!



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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

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